About Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms is world-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning Silver Charms collection featuring thousands

of Charm styles. Only Rembrandt has earned the title, The World's Largest Charm Collection by offering thousands of beautiful Charms in sterling silver.

The History of Silver Charms

People often use Silver Charms and Silver Charm Bracelets to tell the story of their life, whether it be a simple Silver Heart Charm worn around the neck or Silver Charm Bracelet filled with tiny treasures.

Quite often, Silver Charm Bracelets are given from mother to daughter, either as a new gift or passing it on as a family heirloom. The daughter then adds her own Silver Charms to the bracelet, including ones that represent her favorite hobbies, interests and beliefs. As the daughter matures, so does her Silver Charm Bracelet, increasing not only in number of Silver Charms, but also in sentimental value.